EIN and tax filing

I have been a notary for several months and got an EIN. When it comes time to file my taxes, do I continue to file with my Social Security number. And do also file a schedule C in addition. And what is the business code to use for the schedule C. This is all new to me. Thanks.

You still use your social security number for the portion of your return for your personal income; the EIN will be on the Schedule C (and the EIN is tied to your personal social security number in IRS records). When you finish your Schedule C you’ll have the number that you should insert into Line (I forget which one) of your personal return as your taxable income from self employment.

I used TurboTax Home & Business they automatically insert the proper code - I forget what the business code is. You can go to the IRS website and search for “Notary Public Business Code” - you should find the info there or in the publication.

Hope this helps

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