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Anyone get a email from that said you have the same last name of a deceased person and that you stand to inherit a substantial amount of funds click here to respond?
Obviously I didn’t click on it and I’ve sent a message to Notary Café staff to let them know this message was not in my inbox thru their sight however the email looks like it comes from them with their logo name, email etc.
I did google the name that was there and no record of an attorney nor anyone with that name. BEWARE!

Wow…no, I didn’t get that but thanks for the heads-up!!

Got a message from Notary Café and they are aware of the issue and extra security measures are/have been put in place to help illuminate this situation.

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry to report that somebody took advantage of the profile notification system and sent these “phishing” emails out. We are working on improvements the security features to disallow this now, so please accept our apologies.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THESE PEOPLE. They are simply trying to get a response from you in order to try and gain access to your sensitive information. Please discard these messages.

Mike @ Notary Cafe

I got the same email twice today – once at 10:40 a.m. PDT, and another one at 11:06 a.m. The second one complained that I had not yet responded to the first one.

Hi All,

I wanted to give you an update. For security reasons - I cannot give technical details obviously, but we do want to share a few things.

The person/persons were sending these messages through the system’s contact form. Our developers were able to pinpoint some details that allowed us to change some things and the delivery of them seemed to slow/stop.

We do appreciate your patience, and apologize for the abuse of the system. As always, We are working hard to improve the system against misuse. Thanks,

Mike@ Notary Cafe

It certainly sounds like the system was hacked. I haven’t received this email.

I received an email like that from notarycafe but knew that it was a Scam when the gentleman sending the email was Barrister Somebody. I get emails in my spam box all the time from the Barristers promising me that I have inherited millions of dollars and for me to send them money to release the funds. I was not born yesterday and know a scam when I see one.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that our system was not hacked in the manner we are accustomed to hearing about today , someone just found a way around the captcha process we use which allowed them to send emails to our members quickly from their profile page. The people doing this are literally going from profile to profile and sending individual messages to notaries. We have implemented additional controls to address this and are monitoring it daily.

We do not have any indication that any stored information was taken by these people, rather they are sending emails through our system. While this is a huge inconvenience, it appears that they only gain what they want if someone contacts them directly. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THEM- this only encourages them.

Again, we are monitoring this situation closely. Our developers are putting additional security processes in place to keep these people from abusing the system.

Notary Cafe Support

Yes I received it also. I told them to email me official paperwork or leave me alone then I sent it to spam folder.