Example of Pricing for Services

I would love to get examples of what everyone is charging for their services.

Full Loan Package
Scan Backs

and more…

Any and all info greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately you may not get much response to this, partly because we don’t want to share what we have eked out and there is a difference between what we will accept (depending on the time of the month), and what is fair.
HELOCs typically pay $50 - $75.
Refis pay between $75 - $200
Scan backs around $15
EDOC delivery to print out the docs approx $20
If you are beginning, focus on getting as many orders as possible to you can develop your experience. The money will come later

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Thank you so much for your reply. I understand and appreciate you giving me a price range for reference.

What everyone else charges should not be an issue - everyone’s situation is different - you may be in the city where everything is close and travel is not so much of an issue - me, I’m very rural and there’s nothing around me - I don’t even have a UPS or FedEx drop box in my town - I have to drive 15 miles from my home to drop the package off. On top of the possible 25 miles one way I can feasibly travel one way to get to the signing - add that up - 50 miles round trip then 30 miles round trip for package drop - 80 miles for one signing - not counting time gas, wear and tear on the car, etc etc

You need to develop a business plan and figure out what ALL of your expenses are and how much you need to bring in to support both you personally and your business. Make sure you take all expenses into account - certifications, memberships, advertising, business cards, listings on the various sites, time/travel, cell phone, printing, paper, toner, AND TAXES - because your income is fully taxable - the only exemption is the notary fee you’re allowed to charge per your states laws - that is exempt from Self Employment Tax only (and maybe state taxes) - fees you collect are fully taxable income so that needs to be considered… You should also check the various directories in their “Find A Notary” section - scope out your competition.

One small bit of advice - don’t give up your day job. It takes about two years for the business to get fully established and self-supporting - unless you’re in a niche market, in which case you’re very lucky

Good luck


My base fees are higher…edocs @ $25, for example. My point is: Linda has answered you perfectly. It isn’t what others charge; it’s what you require to be PROFITABLE. You are the only person who can answer that.
Nor, for that matter, do I agree with ‘take as many as possible as the money will come later’. Nope, you’ll just go broke quicker if they’re not profitable.


This is great. Totally understandable with it being a real generalized breakdown here. I’ve learned from this forum that I SHOULD be getting much more for refi’s that what I had accepted before in the past, seriously thanks to this site.

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I simply don’t know how signing agents survive without counting the expense of mobility, paper, ink, time, etc. for each signing. The mortgage package can be horrendous at times, so I can see charging at minimum $350 per signing and debt reduction presentations at $225. I’m new to online signing systems who seem to offer really low fees. I’ve been working with a local title company who pays at minimum $275 for a settlement and we don’t do any copy, print or scan backs, it’s simply handled, signed, and then dropped off at their office. Very interesting.