Exostar identity proofing

How many I.d. Does the signer need for identity proofing ?

Your specific signing information will outline what they need. I’ve completed a few, they need at least one but the id verification form required 2. Its similar to the Patriot Act where if they have a certain type of 1 they don’t need any more but be prepared for 2.

Thank you ! On my form it said they only needed 1 and no copies of I.d. Which I thought was odd . But it was very easy .

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Hi ladies or gentlemen:
I have done several ID Proofing for Exostar through Notarygo. I am not complaining about the pay, I would like to know if anyone knows how much the rate is at full price. If I was a company, how much would I pay to have this done? And, are there companies out there (I am in Texas) who hire notaries directly?
I like doing these; they are fast and easy.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @nikole

Would you mind sharing how to become an ID proofing agent for Exostar?

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I just finished doing a ID proofing from Exostar. I am intrested in doing more as well. Did you all find out any information on signing up for theses

I’ve done a few of these as well. I enjoy them become they only run about 5-10 minutes and are close to home.I normal can get them at my counter offer of $50. Unless someone goes ahead and takes the starting offer of $30 which in will not do. But yes I also enjoy these quick and easy signings.