Expensive Scanners Should Trigger $25 Scan Fees

I recently purchased a used scanner on Craigslist in San Francisco, an Epson Work Force Pro GT-S50 from 2014. It’s a very good scanner that cost $400 in 2014. When I arrived to pick up the machine the seller said many notaries contacted him and the reason I got the deal is I was the first one who responded.

I’ve been noticing how many agencies ignore in their fee offer notary scan back services. A title company TIMIOS offered me $115 for a refi last night aware the scan backs were required. These agencies and title companies ignore the service that requires a good quality scanner to meet their 600 dpi demands. They ignore the time it can take for 200 page documents to be scanned back to them as well.

Last night I was performing a rush scan back when I discovered there was an Adobe Reader DS font glitch that caused me to have to spend a significant time testing my scanner believing it was the problem. Finally, Adobe had a pop up message why the legal sized docs were cut off at the bottom was its font software issue. It took up a lot of my Friday evening.

I thought about how many notaries must allow these agencies and even tile companies like TIMIOS to ignore their scan services operations not offering a well deserved $25 scan fee. We already pay a lot more for paper then we used to! A ream of legal paper is $18 at my local staples and on Amazon. Our work and time pay is significantly below 12 years ago when they paid an average of $100. They don’t value notaries with any respect with these attitudes of low balling failing to pay for scan backs.

All these years later they try to accommodate inflation adding $15 while ignoring our scanning equipment costs and time having to send back their package in a rush situation. They already get away with a whole lot taking profitability away from notaries such as requiring significant amounts of documents to notarize. In California we get $15 per signature.

My advice is not to allow the businesses to get away without paying an additional scan fee for the above reasons.

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I completely and totally agree!! Large packages take forever to scan back and they want them back ASAP. Like I’m not going to decline other signings because you need your scans back within 5 minutes. You don’t pay me enough and things definitely need to change!

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