Fees we get pay

Need your opinion here. I got an order that needed it a second witness. Because the signer was not able to provide one Title Company wanted me (the notary) to provide the additional witness. Problem here is that the Signing Company told me that they were going to pay me an extra $20 dollars for me to provide the witness and they forward the email from Title Company to me but, Title offered $35 dollars to the notary to bring the witness. I didn’t say anything to the signing company but it did bother me a lot that they didn’t pay me what Title offered to pay me to bring someone with me to the signing.

I don’t blame you; I’d be fairly ticked off, too. But I think I’d have said something to signing co.

I didn’t say anything because I do get signings from them often but I just felt like they should have paid me the amount that was offered by Title.

Hello Janetv1, I would have mentioned it. Moving forward you state your fee and let them know that’s the fee being charge by the witness for their time. Add it to your profile. I have my witness fee at $25.00 no less.

Kbeck, good idea re: witness cost on profile. I will do that ASAP.