Fidelity approval package

Please Assist me in the fidelity approval process…thanks

@michaelnash0, did you ever get emailed about this? Has anyone helped you yet?

No, I was look forward to getting help in this area, but it never happened.

I would like to get Fidelity approved also. I filled out the package in August and haven’t heard anything. Please email me at

Hi Everyone, I know this is an older chain however I went to Nationwide Signing’s website which is now and clicked the Sign Up option and completed all of the forms and the application and uploaded all of the requested forms, will this now get me Fidelity approved as someone else wrote a few years ago? The 5 forms on the site were Fidelity forms it seemed. If anyone can let me know and thank you in advance for your time.

Did someone one write you?

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No, haven’t heard from anyone.

Ok. Thank you for the update. Did you get Fidelity approved? If so how did you do it?

Not sure if my previous response was sent to you so see above.

I filled out the paperwork but never heard anything else from them.

Did anyone ever get approval yet? If so, please let me know please.