First Assigment Offered-Help Please


I received a request for a refi closing but the email did not mention what they pay and it didn’t ask what I charge. Is the first email usually like that and once you say you’re available, they proceed? Also how do you know what type of company it is so you know what to charge?

Thanks for your help

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The first thing I look for in emails like those is the “email signature.” The email signature should have a detailed description of the company’s name, address, phone number, email address, fax number, and the employee who emailed you. If it does not have a valid email signature then it is most likely a scam.

Thanks. Yes it does have a valid signature.

No. They usually put an offered fee (which is usually way too low) and then they take their time looking over counter-offers and if none are acceptable to them, they’ll send it out again & again & again with slight fee increase until they find someone as cheap as possible. Don’t let that someone be you. But, have to agree with NavyCombatVeteran…as it has nothing and didn’t ask you…it’s probably a scam. Proceed with MUCH caution…don’t go clicking on links.

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Thank you.

I looked them up and they are a title company-Timios. I thought in my training the fees are different (higher to Title companies) than those we would get from listing companies?

Should be–no middleman. However, with the huge influx of newbs, TCs are starting to play the same ‘how low will you go’ limbo. Don’t play their games.

Thank you. I will keep that in mind.

I work with Timios. They are great.

Timios normally pays $90 base fee… Good luck :purple_heart:

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I get $125 base… just sayin’… they will, but if they can get cheaper…

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Always reply with your fee with scans and without scans.
If reverse Mort, charge $150.

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Good to hear. They never contacted me again about that assignment.


Thank you.
So we just respond back with a summary of fees after stating we are available for the assignment? Also, is Timios not a title company like I thought? In my class, we were taught to charge $250 for title companies. Is that not the case anymore?