Flash drives for borrower copies?

Instead of wasting paper and ink for borrowers copies, I have been thinking of purchasing 1GB flash drives to give them instead.

The cost of the flash drive is less than $1 and obviously saves to the disk in seconds rather than printing everything out. This saves time and money

Borrower doesn’t get a huge stack of papers, can save other items they wish to the disk and still has a copy of everything they signed.

What is other peoples thoughts on this? Anyone doing it?

Sorry but I don’t agree for two obvious reasons… 1st you are asked to provide borrowers with their copy, what about if borrowers call and complain or just a simple call and mentions any document that needs to revise and is told “look in your copies…” and mentions “oh! I was given a USB”… ???
2nd in case you need one sheet from the package you always go to borrower’s copy and replace the screwed one for that particular one… get my point?


To pile on here:

  1. Borrowers/people in interest need paper copies of NORTC (for refis) - what do they send in if they decide to cancel?

  2. What if they have no printer? What if they can’t read the USB? What if their computer get s virus/worm - guess who has the target on their back

Do paper copies - that’s what you’re paid to do - prices yourself correctly and it’s not an issue.


I get what you’re thinking but that’s just not going to work.

If you have multiple signing and accidently give a signer the wrong usb you now have privacy issues. I’m sure the signer won’t know how to contact you personally, so they start making calls and complaining about having someone else information and fearing someone else has there’s. Thus the headaches really begin as you now are in damage control for all parties.



Though it sounds like a good idea for saving paper, mix ups and mishaps can happen and you will need a copy from their stack to replace if an error occurs at the table. Maybe putting a name on flash driver corresponding with assignment and making extra copies of NRTC and all docs with signatures and notarizations may work for you.

Many title companies specifically state not to email docs to customers, and do not provide docs to borrowers on a flash drive.

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