Getting your own title co

Is it normal for a signing company to advise you to get your own title company to complete your signing??

mmm…well, if you’re in TX and doing a HELOC, they have to be done either at a TC or Attorney’s office.
And YOU have to make the arrangements for that. (Not easy) Other than that, no, not normal at all.
(And I think TX is just goofy on this. Lot of states have different goofy stuff.)

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Yes, I am in Texas and just never seen it before then when I tried to call around to the local title companies they said they don’t do anything like that and to call the signing co. That gave the assignment and have them to find a spot. I’m just use to going to the customers home to sign.

Arichter is right - cash-outs and HELOCS must be done in an attorney’s office or a title office - and per TX law the signers must be given a copy of their signed documents (not a blank copy, a copy of the signed ones).

You’ll have to do some local research and find a title company or attorney’s office who would be willing to let you use a corner once in a while to accommodate these. And the fee for that should be added to your base/agreed upon signing fee - and get that agreement in writing!

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WOW, thanks I’m still learning. So next time I will know but all they said in the email is that it was a refi

I am really glad I decided to ask this question on this site. Thank you everyone for you kind words and support!!:heart::heart: