Good grief, Express!

I just had to give back an assignment for Express Notary scheduled for tomorrow, because the package is 283 pages (that’s the signing copy - multiply by 2 for total print!) involving two lenders. No way can I complete a signing of that size in the time I had scheduled for it! I hate handing back an assignment, but in this instance what other choice did I have? If Express had been up front about the size when I asked, I’d have refused then - the following two slots were already scheduled when they called.

I’ve done a lot of work for Express in the past - fees at the low end of my requirements, but good volume, easy system to negotiate, steady pay, no fax backs - but lately the packages are huge, they don’t tell you up front, and often docs aren’t available until an hour or so before the appointment time. I lose money for the extra printing, and for travel costs if I have to dash back to the office for a last minute print, and for the assignments I passed up because Express was booked. A signing like the one I handed back is actually a piggyback, two loans stacked in a single appointment - and I charge an additional fee for those - which would have been great information for the scheduler to have offered me!

I agree with you. Express notary does that to you and many other companies do that too. I personaly communicate to them by saying until i have the package my fee is not final, even though i accept the signing.
If they dont agree that means that is not the company i would like to work with.