Has anyone ever received e-mails from Notary Cafe Notifications that you have message in your Profile?

Has this ever happened to anyone one Notary Cafe? Last Thursday May 31st I received an e-mail for a a lady saying she is disparately needing a Notary in TX for the following week and was given my name and e-mail address. The e-mail she sent was very nondescript. I don’t think I have ever seen a plainer e-mail, and she sent it around 11:00 pm. Well, I got that weird tingling, hair standing up on my arms feeling. I answered her back, but all I said was, your e-mail is very nondescript and tell me more about yourself, company, and Notary business you need. Of course I didn’t hear back from her. Well the next morning Friday June 1st I get another e-mail this time from with a mans name asking word for word exactly the same thing as the ladies e-mail. Same nondescript e-mail too. I didn’t answer this one back though. A few minutes later I get an e-mail from Notarycafe.com Notification e-mail letting me know I have a message waiting for me in my profile. The e-mail also had the message on it. It was word for word and name of the man the sent me an e-mail of Friday. I checked my Notary Cafe profile, but didn’t use the notifications e-mail to log in I went through my own log-in. Well I have not been able to find the profile message that is suppose to be there.
So, am I being to cautious or is someone trying to scam me?

Hi @larayjacobs,

I wanted to jump in and add some context to your post. We here at Notary Cafe do not have a system in place to “notify you of a a message waiting for you in your profile.” Your profile page has a contact form where vierwers can email or text you directly, but they are not kept attached to your profile - they are sent directly to you.

You were right to be cautious of this and any email that raises the hair on the back of your neck. These messages did not originate from Notary Cafe. I believe it is always safer to navigate to a website yourself and log in just as you did, rather than use a “login link” contained in an email - those links can lead to anywhere.

If you receive emails claiming to be from Notary Cafe but are uncertain of the authenticity, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@notary dot com and we will be happy verify it. Feel free to forward any suspicious messages to us as well, and we will try and determine their origins.


Notary Cafe Support

I received a very similar email last week. Non-descript, and very poorly worded. I just ignored it. I personally feel if someone wants something notarized within your area bad enough they will call and verify.