Has anyone heard of Archimerc, LLC?

Hello All.

Just curious, has anyone completed a signing for a company called Archimerc, LLC? I responded to an order on Snapdocs. Decided to look them up bc never heard of them and noticed they haven’t been rated on BBB and saw a bad review on Google too. In addt’l, saw a few other bad reviews, in 2015, on ABC123 of nonpayments.

Hi Kim,

I’m going to say, don’t do it. #IHopeThisHelps

Business Profile
Archimerc, LLC

Notary Public

Contact Information

P.O. Box 519
Doylestown, PA 18901
(267) 337-6622

Customer Reviews

Customer Complaints

1754 Posts Posted - 04/15/2016 : 04:31:39 AM

If you’re in collection mode, I’d send a letter to Ralph at the address listed along with a copy to the title company involved in your late-pay transaction.

Archimerc didn’t take long to establish a really bad rep - sorry you got stuck.

Disclaimer: never worked for them - just keep up with the forums and the experiences of my fellow notaries.



148 Posts Posted - 04/14/2016 : 7:03:24 PM

Found this on a search.

You can try sending a collection letter and a copy of your invoice by certified mail to the street address, not the PO Box, and see if that gets you paid.

On Notaryrotary.com all the comments from everyone not in PA, are about non-payment and ratings of 1 star. This company has had low ratings for years.


Posted - 04/14/2016 : 08:09:48 AM

Does anyone know who owns Archimerc? Perhaps his first name is Ralph? Please let me know and thanks!

26 Posts Posted - 09/29/2015 : 10:15:50 PM

Nope I haven’t seen paid either and no responses to phone calls or emails…these guys are POS


6 Posts Posted - 09/23/2015 : 05:58:44 AM

I closed a loan for ARCHIMERC May 15, 2015. I have not received payment nor any answer to my phone calls or e-mails. Are they still in business? It is pretty bad that a company hires you and they does not pay nor keep in contact with you. This is the first and last time I work for ARCHIMERC.

Diane Harl

Wisconsin 8 Posts Posted - 09/07/2015 : 09:55:01 AM

No Response to calls or correspondence regarding non-payment of April, 2015 signing. We will be utilizing the services of a collection agency.


Alabama Posted - 06/06/2015 : 05:32:21 AM

I’ve done one closing for them. It’s been 45 days and still not paid. Can’t get a reply from them.

Madonna Linville

SigningAgentCoach California
42 Posts Posted - 06/30/2013 : 2:43:33 PM

I’ve been given work by this company before - they use Notary Cafe as their source but it looks like you still have to register for them.

Kelly Robertson,
California Notary Public
(951) 317-0125