Has anyone signed up with Signing Agents Network

They charge $36.00 a year and claim to cut out the middle man by getting assignments offered directly with the lender. I am wondering if it is legitimate. Thanks in advance for your response.

If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. R-U-N and save your money.

Several of these to watch out for…Notarology in St. Petersburg, FL has been ripping off notaries for over 5 years now.

Thanks for the reply!

I always check to see what notaries they show in my area. I rarely find any. Look on a reputable directly (notary rotary, for instance) and check to see what pulls up, in comparison. You’ll see the reason why no one would sign up with these folks. They have no real notaries on their site, so why would a title company come to their site to find notaries?

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Do not sign or pay their fee. The are only getting money for you and not assigning any jobs. When they send you a job…miraculously it has been accepted by someone else…every time. I know of no one ever getting a job. Sandi B