Has anyone used LegalDiscover.com?

I’m receiving emails from LegalDiscover.com. They’re trying to sell me a membership to their service. Would like to know if there’s any value to joining? Thanks.

I know this is a late, however I wanted to respond because I’ve received calls and emails from Legal Discovery as well. I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not so I told the representative I was not interested in purchasing my printers or ink from them.

Thanks, Revonda! I appreciate your comments.

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Yes, I too have received the emails wanting me to join their directory. I just logged onto this site in hopes there were others and someone would have credible information with regard to the company/directory. I couldnt find ANYTHING on the company after doing several different searches. Finally, I checked BBB and theres nothing there either! Crazy if they are getting people to join directory and it is all a big scam!

I have received many emails from them but have not responded to them. I normally respond with: “Send me a signing and I will join your team”. :))

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I just received an email from them so I went to the site to check it out. There is NO maintenance to the site. The two listings in the town I live in, Minot ND, have both been out of business for some time. There fee is for a “lifetime” membership… thus they don’t maintain it. I also noticed that no one had any reviews. There were not even reviews for the sites they tout as examples. That tells me NO ONE visits this site.