Has anyone used USA-signingAgent.com

Anyone have any experience with this company

Yes, I believe I have done business with them in the past. Their a good company to work for. I had no problems.

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I have worked for them before and I never had any problems with them either.

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Seriously? They are not even a legitimate business. They want you to pay for a membership before they assign a job to you and the job never comes. It’s a SCAM illegal credit card charging company! AVOID - do NOT sign up. I can’t believe people say they have worked for them.

Unless we are talking about 2 different companies. I am talking about the one that sends a job offer via email and offers a decent price for the signing which is close to you and then they need you to sign up to their database and it cost money via credit card.


I can hardly believe that anyone would fall for that. Terrible and should be reported to NNA and ANA for sure.

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I agree do not go with this scam. When i was new i joined there site and never got a job one until i was up for renewal. Then they faked gicing me a job for a good quote only to tell me i would have to renew to get this job. fool me once but not twice.


Yep, they sent an email. (phishing) and I bit. I sent them money for their website like other web companies out there. 39.99 a year for NOTHING. BEWARE, IT’S A SCAM!!!


That’s what I see. It’s not for work it’s a paid site.
I would question the one who said they worked for them on here Audrey_Spaulding as it is not a website for you to get orders from USA it is for you to get signings ‘through’ their website like here Notary Cafe from other companies.
I don’t pay anyone to get their business.

they are a scam company…

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Scam Company… Called them after 4 weeks and was lucky to have my fee refunded.

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NNA Sells Memeberships to SigningAgents.com. It comes as part of their background checks and such.

This is not the same as SigningAgents.com through the NNA.

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Dang it!! I bit. Maybe I can get a refund too. I just bought the membership with USA Signing Agent. My gut said no but did I listen?!

I supplied my info before I knew they wanted money. I receive emails from them constantly showing possible closings in my area that I missed because I did not pay the fee. I just delete them.

Thanks to this forum, I determined I was scammed by this outfit and signing agent ASAP. I filed a report with my credit card company and disputed the charges. Hopefully I can get them reversed. I’m so glad I found NotaryCafe, as I’ve been able to learn about LEGITIMATE signing companies with which to grow my newborn business. Thanks to everybody for their advice!

I just received an unsolicited email from them that automatically ended up in my span folder. I went to their website and they aren’t a signing service. They say they put you into direct contact with Title companies. I won’t be sucked in by this scam. Thank you all.

Thanks guys for your info as I was about to sign up. No kidding. I will delete them.