Has Anyone work with "A Step Above Signing"?

I have done a signing for them on March 5th and 31st. I am still waiting for payment. When I call to inquire about payment, I get the usual answer, “The check is in the mail”. I believe that I have been duped. This signing agency puts signing opportunities on the following platforms “The Signing Order” and SnapDocs. I may have to write this off instead of going through the hassle of received my pay.

Her name is Angie…she was on here last week arguing with another notary. You aren’t the only one.

Oh wow! This is not good. I do not understand why people run a business in that way (taking advantage of people talent, time, and resources).

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They pay in 45 business days, that does not include weekends or holidays - so that means payment is two months after signing.

Yes, I know. 45 days was May 9th and I am still waiting to be paid for March 5th signing.

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I got nothing, then. I’ve completed one signing for them and have not yet reached 45 business days, so I’m staying hopeful.

Unfortunately, I did 2 signings for Angie @ A step Above Signings. They were completed in March and April of 2021. I sent numerous invoices, called and texted. She says "the check was sent or is being sent then eventually I believe I was blocked and I have received nothing. I found out too late that she is dishonest and a scammer. Her company is on the Blacklisted Signing Services for Fraud.

I would email the title company that hired and CC the signing company. Blast him, saying he is not paying. They cant do much but they won’t use him again.

But legally you must send a written demand for the amount and have due date . If nothing is paid within the days in the demand, you sue in small claims. Check your local court website for step on small claims. Also check the exact amount of days you have to give them on the written demand. Each state is different, has different laws.

Definitely send a written demand. Google “demand letter before small claims” in your state.