Has anyone worked with PHX Closing Services (Phoenician)

I recently did a closing for PHX (Phoenician) closing services and was suppose to get paid after 30 days. Their website looked legit but then as I started to dig deeper (after the closing) I saw that someone wrote on their facebook business page that they did notary services for them and didn’t get paid. I have tried to call and e-mail the company and have received no response. Prior to this, I was hearing back. Did I get scammed into doing a service without pay?

Never worked with 'em, but know they’ve been around a very long time and I’ve not heard many complaints. Keep calling.

I’ve only worked for them a couple of times. I was paid promptly as promised.

Oh that’s good to hear. Getting in touch with them has been tough. Its been over 30 days. Ill try again

I am also waiting on payment from them as well. It’s been 47 days and I’ve sent 3 emails inquiring on payment with zero response from them. I may have to email the escrow officer on this file and update them on this.

Did they ever pay you?