Have You Ever Been Blocked by a hiring company?

I had done many signings via loan-closers.com and then requests fell off to nothing.

I tried to reach out via email to see if I had done something bad or made an error and discovered my email is blocked at that website.

Does that answer my question “Have I done something you didn’t like?”

I called to see if I could find out what I did to get blocked by their system, but don’t expect an answer at this point.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Not sure about loan closers but I know signing order you can blacklast notaries and leave bad reviews. It actually shows SS how many other companies have blacklisted a notary.

My 2 cents? We are in a business where we deal with human beings as clients, which comes with a wide range of personal/business interests, feelings, emotions, personalities. If it hasn’t happened to anyone yet, it will eventually, whether the job got done right or not. There’s an old saying out there: “You can’t please EVERYONE!” It’s because of the “human factor” this exists. I don’t focus on the psychology aspect of this, I just keep it moving! Did the loan close? Then pay me. Are you mad because you forgot to include some docs and I couldn’t stay because it will make me late for my next appointment(s)? So be it! They may block me, but bet a buffalo Nickle they will get it right for the next NSA!