Hero Notary - are they a hero or a zero?

I’ve been getting requests from Hero Notary Service but have never worked with them because I am unfamiliar with them. Their pay seems fair in my area so I would like to consider accepting some of their signings; however, I would be interested in hearing others’ experiences with them. Specifically, do they pay in a timely manner? Do they provide docs in a timely manner? Package size? I know this next question can be difficult, but I hate working with companies that get a lot of error docs - meaning the borrowers are regularly surprised by changed terms they didn’t know about, didn’t know they have to bring money to the table, names are wrong, vesting is wrong, etc… I realize it happens but when 50% of the packages from the same company have errors, and it becomes predictable that there will be errors, I don’t accept their work anymore. I feel like signings that don’t go through are more work and less pay than signings that do go through so I do my best to avoid them.

Thank you for any feedback you can offer!

Never heard of them, but Google produces an awfully sketchy website w/no info as to who they are, where they are or any contact info. So, imo, they are a zero.

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I saw that and am glad I am not the only one who judged it accordingly :slight_smile: