Hilarious Update!

Continuing the discussion from When loan docs are cx'd / redrawn - payment and journal entry ?s:

So, literally within 2 hours of my posting this, my escrow agent emails me and says “guess what, this signing is back in action.” Out of nowhere, right after I had asked here for advice. LOL! Tried scheduling with signers, and they seem exasperated and then said they can’t sign until Monday.

I get back with the agent in person in her office (dropping off another job), and I tell her the story of how I asked here, how she offered me the re-sign right after, and then went ahead and expressed the pay concern frankly but politely. What complicates it is that I can’t perform the re-sign, as I am going out of town until Tuesday. And she was stressed about how she was going to get another notary to do the job for the $50 re-sign fee, since she would pay me the original signing fee.

I took the high road, in the interest of keeping the relationship. I told her to pay the other notary the full amount, and then figure out a way to add in the re-sign fee and just pay me that amount. It makes her job easy, and I’m always willing to help out today in favor of paybacks tomorrow. Maybe I’m a pushover, but I don’t do “cutthroat.”

So, issue resolved in the WEIRDEST way possible! Thanks, Arichter for your comments!

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