Hire Notary, Inc?

Hire Notary…
Has anyone heard of Hire Notary in San Francisco? I subscribed to them last month and paid $48.00 fee, but have not hear from them at all. I have called their number numerous times with no answer…anyone know? Thanks

Hi, I constantly receive emails from HireNotary to get me to sign up. I never heard of them and when attempting to sign up you have to pay for them to post your profile seems kind of sketchy if you ask me, just my opinion.

Well they have my $$ and so Far NOTHING except a response that when they have something in my area they will let me know.

My response to them: I work in Houston Texas and surrounding counties and you mean you have nothing in this area? still waiting on a response to that question.

Not accusing them of a scam but would proceed with extreme caution until one of us who did not finally starts receiving assignments or something from them.


I never pay anyone to sign up to receive signings. It’s a rip off.


I will call them a scam.

Why would I pay someone to offer a service that I’ll be doing myself!?!?
MY commission stamp, MY printer, toner and paper, MY car usage, MY time :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I went a bit further last week to hunt down HireNotary. At the bottom of their on-line ad is the owners name and office address of 4 Embarcadero, San Francisco. I called the leasing company for that building, to which they had no record of that company, nor of the individual named as CEO. The leasing company transferred me to the Security Office for the building. They again, after searching records, could not find a organization by that name, nor a CEO as indicated in the advertising. I will leave it to all you folks for investigation.


Clearly because I haven’t received calls from Locate Notary, or Hire a Notary as of yet!
So what do you suggest? How do you get your signings?

I signed up with snapdocs and have a profile on SigningAgents.com. I do get lots of business thru them and it’s free.

My NOW modus operandi when receiving requests to join a listing service “Notaries Needed”, etc.:
-Research the company in their Secy of State registration
-See how long in business
-Check reviews/complaints
-Check BBB
-And search trusted, well established Notary Forums

I usually learn that its a start-up of a directory service and they have no means of ensuring notary work!

New NSA’s PLEASE do not spend money on listings that promise assignments. Join all of the free forums and listings first. Once you receive one or two “I found your name or profile on " ABC Notary Site”, then pay to be bumped up to their premium listing. Just from my own experience…

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This is interesting information, thanks for doing the leg work on this. I’m always surprised at how sneaky companies are nowadays. You have to research EVERYONE, no joke. I keep getting emails from them, so today I looked at their website and realized they charge to use them. So I came on here to see what the experts are saying…so thank you!

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I signed up with them too 48.00 and nothing! Should look up the owner at California
State Website, more than a year. 48.88 time 100,000 people is a lot of free money.