Horrible treatment by Title Officer

My husband took a assignment that promised $125 extra to hand deliver docs 1 1/2 hours away on top of signing fee. The docs did not upload until 20 minutes before the appt, he printed and made there on time. When he dropped off the docs the officer didn’t even say thanks and advised he was looking for someone to “schlep” it up to him. He told him he could only add $75 to the fee due to agreement with snapdocs regardless of the promise of a extra $125 in the instructions on the order. He was rude and absolutely horrible. My husband dropped them off an hour earlier than requested, jumped through all the hoops to make this happen. He is so frustrated he just wants to write it off. We will never work with this office again. I just needed to vent.

Ewww…but that type of behavior needs to be exposed. Name the TC!

Name them here so we can avoid.

It is a well known national title company and I believe it is just that one Title officer. The title officer is located in Bellevue. He does not want me to disclose who. We have never had problems with this company in the past. Just be cautious when they list an additional fee in the instructions on snap docs. He is the only officer I have seen do that.

I don’t want to trash the title company who is normally good to us.

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If all you want to do is to warn notaries, then rightfully name / shame the person who was unprofessional.
What is the point of GRIPING about it here?

Escalate this internally to the company’s legal counsel and get your $125. A promise on paper / email is valid claim.

If you have the $125 offer in writing, contact the corporate HQ and let them know what happened along with the name of the TO.

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