How Do I Explain/Present: "Hold Harmless Letter for Property Taxes"?

Hello! I’m in Florida and I need help on how to explain this form? Thank you in advance! Ana

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As a Notary you don’t explain as this would be practicing law without a license. Refer the signers to their lender for explanation.


Thank you…maybe I should say, how do I present it to them? I had my first signing last week and was so traumatized, I haven’t accepted anything else. The woman wanted to read everything and I had to translate my presentation of all the documents to her in Spanish. So I’m trying to prepare myself better on all types of documents.

You first explain you’re not an Attorney so you can’t answer the ‘what does this mean’ type questions. Present the document using the doc’s title and let them figure out the details.

Sometimes you’ll get the “Engineer, CPA, etc.” type who wants to read every page. This is their legal right to do so. I plan 1 to 2 hours between signings to compensate for a slow signing. Fortunately not every signing is like this.

To better prepare take some time to read through every document that comes your way. If you don’t understand something Google becomes your reference library. You can also run it by this forum. As you gain experience you’ll get better at this especially reading the signer.

So far my worse closing was a real estate investor for 8 years who sold 2 investment properties to buy another investment property that was done under a 1031 exchange. She was lost and had no idea what to do. My experience as a Tax Pro I knew what a 1031 is, was but was prohibited from explaining it to her. Long story short this closing took 4 hours. The only reason I continued was I had nothing more to do that day and wanted to see how this would end.


Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it!

I’m assuming they’re not escrowing their taxes? Or it’s a reverse and they’re responsible for the payment of the taxes? Riverpointe is right - you can’t explain - just present it - what it basically means is borrowers won’t hold lender responsible if the taxes aren’t paid, it’s their responsibility. But, yes, refer them to the LO for those types of questions - you can answer the “who, what, where and when” but not the “why”


This ^

I explain i can answer what and where on the documents, but not why. For why i can always help them talk to closing team and get their questions answered.

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I do a lot of Spanish speaking clients I always explain to them that I am not a lawyer. The word notary translated in Spanish leads them to believe we are in the legal profession, this helps a lot on all the questions. One question I have if she was reading the documents then she spoke or understand English? The documents were in English?

Well, she was basically looking at the numbers. She understood a little bit of english, but I kept pointing at the document when she said where’s my interest rate, whats the loan total, etc. I mentioned several times I am not a lawyer and that I cannot explain the information contained. I had to make several phone calls to the signing agency for a set of documents that they didn’t know anything about and when I called the Lender, the first person I spoke to, didn’t know either. How the heck am I supposed to know then? It was truly a nightmare experience, lol. I cried for an hour in my driveway and stayed up to 2 am double checking all the documents to ship them next morning. I felt totally incompetent.


I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, they are not all like that trust me. If you go on You Tube there is some classes from Coast 2 Coast that are really helpful, plus others you can view. I learned a lot form those classes the best part is there free. Keep your chin up soon enough you will be doing signings with out any hiccups.

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Thank you so much…I appreciate it! Yes, I’ve been watching those videos, they’re amazing! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. :hugs:

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if that is purchase, if the buyer hired attorney, then the attorney hires.
Else in any document, as a NEWBIE, read the document aloud verbatim. Thats is OK, and permissible
Eventually with a few signings, you will pick up the language .

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Thank you! Yes, total newbie…at my age (SMH). :grinning:

The other day, I read about a woman, at 57 years became a new doctor.
Meaning she had to be resident with 20-30 something at her 50’s. Great accomplishment. But we all gotta begin as newbies and that is the fact, not something to be ashamed of.


( Keep your head high) while you keep your heart humble !!

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Thank you so much! That made me feel better! I know I can do this, lol.

With every signing you will feel more confident.
Review all the documents beforehand. Even a couple times to prepare yourself. Most signers don’t read anything. They just want to know the numbers. Don’t give up on yourself you’ve got this.

The hold harmless letter is simply a disclosure that the title agency is not responsible for information that they have received from other sources. Not complicated and you are not violating any law to explain that.


Thank you so much…I truly appreciate it!

I say, “This form says you’re responsible for paying your Real Property Taxes and you’re holding the lender harmless in the event that you don’t.” Done!


Hey💛 When you have a chance… visit YouTube and watch a few Mock Signing videos, this may help.