How do I show Certified on Notary Cafe profile?

Hello Everyone,
I have already sent a support message, but have not recieved a response. On my profile it is showing “No” under certified. I am commisioned in Michigan and we do not have a comission number, therefore I entered N/A. I recieved my Notary Signing Agent training with the NNA and there is not certificate etc, therefore no ID number etc.

How were you all able to show “Yes” as certified on your profile’s?

Have you been able to get your profile taken care of? Do you mean it’s not showing certified by your state, or the NNA? I would contact support directly to ask for help since your state doesn’t give you a number.
The NNA makes it difficult for us since they don’t provide a certificate. They have a link to your profile at or net (at least I think that’s it) which is their version of a certificate.
If you go to the NNA website, then go to My NNA, you can click on training,etc. Somewhere in there is a link to your profile. Copy it. You add the link to your Notary Cafe profile. When someone clicks on it, they can see you are NSA certified. If you need more help, just ask, and I’ll gladly try.

Sorry, I missed that you had already contacted support.

Hi @nicholeteets ,

I am sorry for any confusion with your profile. First, I must apologize for the answered support email you sent on July 18. There was a miscommunication that resulted in it being marked as answered before you received a reply.

To signify that you have completed a certification course, you can select “CSA” (certified Signing Agent) in the Capabilities section toward the bottom of your profile.

Again, I am sorry for the overlooked email you sent to us last month. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to help.


Mike @ Notary Cafe Support