How do you count the days till payment?

I have a company that says they pay within 45 days but moving to 30-day pay. I have an invoice that is 80 days old and they are telling me that weekends, holidays do not count and that my 80 is equal to 53 days. I pointed out that 53 is still more than 45 or 30 days. They state that the payment has already been sent. Last week when I mentioned my mailing address is not the same as my physical address, they stated that they paid my e-check. I pointed out that if payment has already been sent, then where is my e-check. So, in counting the days till payment is it normal to not count weekends and holidays in this number?

30 day pay is considerably different than ‘pay in 30 business days’. Google for 30 bus. day calculator. However, ime, when they state ‘30 business days’…it’s really far more than even that stretched out payday. You’ll just have to stay on 'em…daily, if necessary.

I think I know which company that is. I’ve only worked with one that says "45 business days but moving to 30…) If so, I was paid at about 65 calendar days, the first time and decided not to work with them again. Then a while later they asked me to do another signing when I just happened to have some extra time and it was close to home, so I did it. I was paid in about 65 days again. I saw other people were posting about this company and were waiting much longer. Otherwise, they were nice to work with, but I’d keep after them until you get paid and maybe be better than me about saying, “no”. I don’t know how they can stay in business that way.