How do you sign up with Title companies directly in Florida?

Please share your approach.

Hey Im in Jacksonville and I have a habit of googling “Escrow officers near me” and “Title companies near me” then I email ALL of them, including my signing agent site (created by NNA) and inform them that I am in the area and readily available.

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I’m in St, Petersburg thanks for the tips!

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NNA created the signing agent site? how do I get one?

1 Like this site is where the National Notary Association list you as an agent and NNA creates a signing agent profile for you, here is mines take a look

Thnx for the tip of :+1:

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Has this worked for you? I’m in SW Florida.

I get most of my business from Attorneys, I also advertise on Facebook marketplace as a Notary and Craigslist. Ive had companies call my from my listing on craigslist, and Ive had individuals contact me through Facebook Marketplace (performed a wedding yesterday from FB Marketplace ad)


Thanks so much. I appreciate the feedback.

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Hello I’m in Orl. How do I get business from Attorneys. Thank yoy

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Hi, try googling Settlement attorneys. Most of my jobs come from attorneys in south Florida, however I live and service north Florida. I also get some jobs from attorneys here in Jacksonville. I worked for the police department dealing with the court system for 6 years. The experience i have there is helps also. My first month of being an Agent I googled, escrow officers near me, and title officers near me, and I sent them the link to my Signing Agent profile. I hope this helps.

Have you folks checked out the Free Training & Question Call in opportunities on Utube?! Ck out “Tuesday Notary Titans” with Bill Soroka, Carol & Laura…There’s Lots of "Replays Available for New & Seasoned NSA’s :slight_smile: All 3 of these NSA Guru’s also offer Trng programs & info on going Direct Signings from Title Co’s ! Have you Folks also checked another Very Successful Guru - Mark Wils !

How do you arrange your fb ad? I was going to do that but it said “services” aren’t allowed…so I was worried

Yes mines won’t let me setup an ad in marketplace. But I do buy boosts from my business Facebook page.