How does RON work with title companies?

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Is anyone here getting RON work from title companies or lenders? If so, do they mostly use Pavaso and does the title company cover the platform fee?

Where did you get your digital seal and certificate?

How did you get trained on how to properly do remote loan signings?

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I have one title company I am doing RON closings with. They pay the platform fees. I get the same fee for paper closings but without the copy fee. I got my digital seal and certificate from the NNA. The title company trained me and did a simulated closing before they allowed me to fly solo. There are a few wrinkles. It is better to use a desktop with a 24 inch screen minimum. It requires a lot of entry by the notary since the closing must be completed and all documents completed in full. Some of the certificate entries have to be typed. Also you have to type out the entries in the patriot act form (two id’s). My first closing I used a chromebook and made a few typing errors which I didn’t see because of the limited screen size. You also need to type in a password every time you apply your digital signature and digital seal to a document. So timewise, it is about the same as a standard paper package. No printing or travel is the big plus. My state requires that you keep a video copy of the signing for a number of years. The platform does this and allows you to save it to your hard drive. My state puts you on the list when the platform sends an approval to the state, so I didn’t have to pay for an additional notary commission… They keep a list of all approved notaries on a spreadsheet at the state and anyone can downloand a copy of the approved list. I live in Wisconsin. Wisconsin limits my RON to intrastate closing only, so I can’t use it for any signers who live outside the state.

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What title company are you talking about?