How important is it to

…have a photo in your profile?


It’s usually the FIRST item they look at.

My BFF branch manager at a large title company says she won’t even bother to consider profiles with no photo, or with just a picture of a dog…? Wonder why someone would do this, LOL

I figured…I get several notifications every day but have only gotten one signing in two weeks.

I am just very careful about putting personal information online, including photos.


No Photo? I have an idea. Publish a photo of you in a mask. Compliant and politically correct. Yes, I can already hear that phone ringing off the hook.

Joe, I’m not sure if you are attempting to make a joke, or are trying to be a smart ass here.

Either way, your comment was not helpful.

Extremely. On any public profile.

haha I thought that was funny AND a legit option from Joe up there. Of course you need a photo, thats just common sense

No it’s not “just common sense” if you are brand new to this field and also are someone who has worked an office job for years with absolutely no reason to ever have a personal profile posted online.

I image this forum was designed to be a place to get information, ask questions, share experiences, etc, not a place to attempt to ridicule people for asking a newbie question.

Many thanks to John, Angela, and Doug for your helpful responses.

You’re very welcome!