How is XOME

I am just wondering how you all’s experiences have been with XOME??

Honestly, they really don’t seem to have their act together. Orders can lack needed info; docs nearly always late. On the plus side, they pay $XXX and regularly. Oh, & I don’t do their App.


Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.

I have done signings for them. I negotiate my fee and have never had issues with payment. I use their app but because of the proposed fee, I decline and then they call me to negotiate a fee.


I used to work with XOME. I did also negotiate a higher fee because they won’t offer anything above $90.00. What I didn’t like about Xome is the lack of communication and the amount of time they give you to accept a signing on their app. You wake up and see a host of signings you were sent in the middle of the night. I also didn’t like the number of pages in their documents. It was nothing for me to get 175-200 pages for a closing and all they want to pay you is $90.00??? However, if they like you and you don’t make a lot of errors, they’ll keep you busy. I didn’t like when they docked my pay for a minor mistake I made that I corrected right away. Overall, ok company. Low pay for the amount of pages was my biggest pet peeve!


Excellent breakdown.

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Very large packages, no fee negotiation other than declining for fee too low which I do consistently. If they are in a pinch they will call and negotiate but rare because there are so many that just accept the lower fees. They do pay quickly though.

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Agree. I use to work for Xome, but after I got a few 200 page signings with reluctance to give me an additional fee, I got tired. One time, I got a call from them asking if I only shipped 23 pages back and where were the rest of the documents. I said, " Are you crazy?" Do you think I only shipped 23 pages, knowing that I’m usually shipping back a half of ream of paper for you people??!! Do you think I wouldn’t have noticed that? Don’t make me go get the tracking so I can show you the weight on that thing. Don’t play with me Xome!! I trust they found the documents because they never called me back.

It’s been such a long time ago when I last worked with them, but as previously mentioned the packages were never small. I will say this, I must have been one of the lucky ones because I never had a signing from them under $125.00

Their pricing most likely depends on the region and or state where the signing is needed.

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They do pay fast. I get a couple of closings but I have to negotiate. I always have to say to low, a couple of times they have called me, but unfortunately there are ones who take the $90. Docs are high in number and I just can’t do less than $125 especially due to me being in a rural area and a signing can be 50 miles one way.