How to get on amrock

I sent AMROCK my professional resume as they recommended in the application, but was still told that even with my resume, I needed one year of signing experience before they could accept me into their network. I have heard great things about them and will definitely reapply when that time comes.

Can someone please expand on the Pavaso topic. Thank you! :slight_smile:

You can sign up for Pavaso and take their training on your own. I did. You just need to he signed up with at least one signing service that uses them, so that once you get your login information, you have at least one company you’re affiliated with. It’s a bit of a process, including having to get your signature notarized, etc. But well worth it, in my experience

And Pavaso didn’t invoice me for their fee ($99) until I had completed a closing on their platform. And that closing was directly for Old Republic, and they found me via Pavaso. And so: I recommend being proactive.