How to improve Snap Docs ratings?

Hi everyone! Wondering if anyone has tips on improving your Snap Docs ratings. Their system feels borderline medieval to me, in the sense that if you make one or two mistakes, you’re essentially out for good.

I used Snapdocs when I began signings earlier this year, and as a newbie I made a couple of mistakes but corrected them immediately with signing services. Someone must have said something negative, however, because I haven’t received business from Snapdocs in months. Adding to my confusion, I get a TON of consistent, repeat business from By now, I must be actually be good at signings because a few services have said I’m on their preferred agent lists.

The problem is, whatever my Snapdocs ratings are, they must reflect my first 2 or 3 signings? It’s a complete mystery, and they won’t give me any information! Any signings I reply to from their texts, I never actually receive. Even from confusing, my ranking always says HIGH.

Long story short: I want to fix whatever the issue is with Snapdocs to get more business. Any tips??

Thanks in advance!

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My suggestion is to email Snapdocs at [] and explain your situation like you did above. I’ve had good luck with a very responsive support team at snadocs.

Thanks Debbie! 've reached out to them before and they normally say they can’t share that information with notaries, but I’m going to see if I can try another angle with them.

I’m in the same boat, had 2 companies and 2 individuals “Thumbs Up” on SD but my first “Did Not Sign” seems to have resulted in a notable reduction in notifications. None in a few weeks now. I get all of my work from a local ORT amd FATCO office that schedules through SD, but none at all from SD. I have only got one offer from SigningOrder/NotaryResume as well so I feel like I’m missing something or just don’t have enough signing experience to trigger a better filter set.

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That’s strange. Not sure why your signing order profile is also affected. I think my next strategy for SD is to call companies right after they offer me an appointment and introduce myself, or maybe even get a list of signing services operating on SD and just make an introduction. I feel like that might make a difference if they can speak to me directly and understand I’m much more experienced now.

Maybe that’s something you could try as well! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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