I just beat inflation

I just cleaned out my local Sams club. After reading this you need to takeoff and get as many as you can lol. $11.91 for a 10 pack of letter size paper!!!


Yep, you scored BIG TIME.


$1.19 a ream, unbelievable. Just secured profits for the rest of the year. I would of bought more but I ran out of space haha. Let me know if anyone else catches this deal! Good luck

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Wow, the cheapest I have seen lately is Costco at $45 a 10 pack box.

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Get some @ sams before they run out

Do they have legal? ???

They do but it was not on clearance.

I wish I have their membership card, but I don’t.

Which Costco? Because I bought them at $38 at the business Costco on Tujunga. Where are you?