I need a reliable scanner

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I have two printers both with 2 drawers for legal and letter. My bother I used just for printing loan docs. My HP 8740 is an all -in-one that I use for scanning and everything I do not need laser for. Fairly recent purchase. Had so many problems with the first one HP had to send me another but not until I was ready to shove it out the window. the new one has worked pretty well for the last couple months, but now we are back to the same old, same old. took me forever to scan a 150p package last evening. I will keep it for JUNK printing but I need a scanner that works well and is reasonably priced. All I will use it for is scanning.
I have read other review but it seems they also print. I need one that can just scan legal. I don’t think two drawers are necessary since these are packages just preceding the package I am putting in overnight mail.

Ix500 worth every penny. You scan 150 package in about 4 or 5 minutes. It’s about 450 bucks.

I really like the Epson ES-400.

I had a Brother all-in-one and I could not get it to scan right. I purchased a Brother ADS-1500W scanner it fits on my desk top and I love it. I can scan letter, legal, checks and other small items with no problem. It is about $300 and I got it on sale for $189

I have had a scanSnap for about 10 years now. Never any problems. Very reliable and easy to use.

Dave Grinnell

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What is Snap Scan? a machine?

ScanSnap is the name of the document scanner.
mine is amodel S1500. I don’t know if they still make that madel.

I recently purchased an Epson ES-300W.

After some research found this one to fit the bill for a Mobile Scanner

Here is why:
I got tired of driving home to do scan backs after an appt when I could have taken another appt.

This unit has an internal battery and internal wifi to connect to the android or iOS Epson smartphone app.

It is very small and folds up into a box shape.

When needed, I open it, power on, launch my phone app, initiate the scanner wifi and connect to my phone, scan the docs to my phone thru the Epson Smartphone app, disconnect the scanner wifi, upload or email the scanned docs, power down the scanner and off to my next appt.

No wires needed (except to charge the internal battery). The scanner can be connected to computer if needed but I wanted a wireless solution to use in my car for scanbacks while out on appointments without the need for a laptop or tablet.

This one works great. Better than I expected. Saves much time and the scanner is very fast in
black and white mode (does color too). Has 25 page auto doc feeder.

Hope this helps.


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I don’t usually have to scan docs back…except today. I tried to scan my docs on my HP and it cut off the legal docs. I had to spend $44 to take them to Office Max. They even had to scan the letter docs separate from the legal docs. Is this normal? Does anyone have any suggestions???

Set your HP scan program to legal size. If I do not do that when I scan from my HP I have the same issue.

Thank you for this tip! I’ve been looking for a scanner with the same features. This sounds like it’s the bomb.com!

If you’re looking for something cheap then IRIScan Book 5 WiFi will fit your needs just fine. It costs only 100 bucks.
However, if you’re spending more than that Epson FastFoto is a reliable one

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions here from all. I have a Brother LC20E, all in one printer. However, a big scan job that I thought I successfully performed bit me in the rear. Lots of my scans were off and I wasn’t aware, because I never got an error message from the scanner. I need to invest in a stand alone scanner that is good quality and can manage lots of pages, various sizes.

Hi, jmpnotary0105.

I have an Epson ES 500W. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space on my desk and (for me, anyway) to be portable. It fits in my rolling bag if I need to take it along. I got it refurbished from B&H photo for about $100.00 less than what it would cost brand new. It’s wireless so you can use the Epson app to scan to your phone with no need to connect the scanner or your phone to separate WiFi. It’s very easy to use- just load your docs and push a button. If scanning to your PC, just push the scan button and the software immediately pops up on your screen. Here’s a link if you want to check it out:



mjeverett1968, thank you very much for responding with your suggestion of what you use. I took your advice and researched on the WorkForce ES-500W, lots are satisfied and it is able to scan various sizes, which I need now since my unfortunate work experience. I also did find it refurbished for $100 cheaper than the new price as you did. Appreciate your help! Time to redeem myself…

You’re quite welcome!

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Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I had a question about what software you use with this scanner?

We picked one up last night, and tried to use it for scanbacks, and it started freezing after about 100 pages using the Scansmart software. So I saved the first 100 pages as a pdf. I then scanned the rest of the pages, and when I went to save, the software would just shut down, losing my progress. After a few tries, it allowed me to save, but only as jpg.

I’m just curious if you’re using the stock software, or something else to scan with this product?

Hi, Chris.

I use the software that came with it. I haven’t had any problems like that but to be honest, I have only scanned to my laptop maybe a half a dozen times. It’s just been easier for me to use the Epson Document Scan app on my phone. I hope you are able to get it working soon without too much headache.


Thanks for the reply. I spoke with Epson support today, and they suggested turning off auto naming. I’m going to try to scan my own copy of my refinance package and see if that solves the problem.

On a side note, what resolution should scanbacks be? I used 600dpi for the last two because I was unhappy with the resolution of 300dpi, but that might be me just being picky. 300dpi scans about twice as fast and would save a lot of time.

Definitely look into the Vuescan software, it is a superb set of software that has drivers for pretty much any scanner out there. Its biggest benefit is it compresses the scans so even 200 page documents are normally only 6-7 mb in size. It has a lot of nice features like auto-scew that straightens documents that the scanner pulled in crooked. It has made my scan jobs a LOT easier, I’ll never use a scanner’s factory software again.