I want to sell my home by owner in Texas how or what forms are needed

Can someone lead me to the required paperwork to sell my home by owner in Texas

Unless someone here is a realtor or attorney in addition to being a notary, we cannot help you. Notaries outside the Louisiana notaries cannot provide that paperwork or the legal advice for them. You’ll need to find out what the legal requirements are in Texas - I say outside Louisiana because LA notaries are more highly educated and qualified and have more diverse authority that your conventional notary public.

You’ll need to do some google searching for the information you need - including making sure you comply with all Seller laws in Texas (contract, disclosure, etc etc).

Sorry we can’t help. Good Luck


I would contact your local title company to set up the closing. I did RTC for buyer and seller together last week that the seller arranged the closing through a Title Co, saved him a lot of money without a realtor because he sold it to his neighbor for a better price. It was a win-win transaction for both the seller and the buyer!

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Best thing do to is contact a title company. There is a form, I’m sorry I forgot the name of it, that you need to fill out. title will know that information. If you in SA call Veronica or Olga at Independence title. They are great. I work with them all the time.