Increase requests for scan backs

Has anyone noticed an increase in orders requiring scan backs? I have 5 orders for next week and 4 of them require scan backs. In the past it would be 1 or 2 at the most out of 10 packages. I wonder why the change?

Sounds like they are either getting a lot of errors or their getting ahead of shipping delays.


Errors, errors, errors, errors and more errors.


My grandmother would always tell me…. The good often times will suffer because of the bad…

I guess this is the case

Yeah, I’ve noticed an increase in scanbacks, too. I’m getting a little tired of doing them.

Errors no doubt! Backs up my other post on companies scrubbing their notary files. Haste makes waste, not too mention the influx of new NSA’s (during the rush) I would imagine trying to learn this gig at the table. “Trial by fire”