Indemnity and Affidavit as to Debts, Liens, and Possessions (mistake)

I completed my first loan signing assignment today, and I thought I did everything perfectly. It was around 100 pages. I was going over the documents one last time before I head to bed, and I noticed that on one of the lines where it says “if none, write NONE on blank line,” the signer did not write anything. That last line escaped both the signer’s and my own attention. The signer filled out all of the other lines, but left that one blank. I hope I don’t sound stupid, but is that last line really all that necessary lol? What should I do? Call the client in the morning and get them to write that stupid four letter word on that line before I ship it off?
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Consider that everything asked of you and required on a form is necessary as a signing agent. It’s what you signed up for, NO SHORTCUTS! All of us have had this happen at one time. I have called/texted a client to inform them of the situation and asked them to text me back their permission to fill in the blank (or make a check mark) on their behalf. Once I have that I proceed as allowed to complete the package and ship! Archive the text as back up.


Thank you Tisino! I’ll be doing just that. I need to make sure I scan every document really closely when I get it back from the client from now on.

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It happens. I have viewed forms twice and still missed something. Perfection is difficult to achieve! But, set a goal for yourself (mine is not to exceed 3% error rate in a year - which I track on my internal spreadsheet), and it gives you a kind of permission to be human, but forces you to slow down and reflect on where and under what circumstances you are more prone to make errors. It will force you to look for that in future reviews to avoid errors in the future.Good luck going forward.


One other point.

Most commercial signing package include something like a ‘compliance agreement’, ‘correction authorization’ or similar - a document which authorizes the lender to make minor administrative (non-substantive) corrections to the documents (e.g.: filling in a missing ‘none’ value).

The worst case scenario is that you’d have to go through the signing again. The more probable worst-case scenario is that you may have to get the signer to re-sign that document. In many cases, minor errors are ignored.

Caveat: Even minor errors are not ignored on documents that are recorded (i.e.: notes, mortgages, deeds, etc…). Make sure those are properly done. The others are generally ‘lender internal’ and have some level of discretion.

Put simply, do your best. Try to review at least once (quickly, though) before leaving the signer. Do your best in QA (Quality Assurance). If you believe you have made an error, own up to it and call the lender/signing agent immediately; in many cases, the issue isn’t of concern, or is easily corrected without any action by the NSA.

Finally, call the lender/signing agency before re-visiting the signer/borrower. You may save yourself a trip.

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What Howard said. But note that your performance is tracked and, although there is a mechanism in place for minor corrections without returning a document to you for correction, doesn’t mean it won’t count against your performance rating. Just try not to send a package back without making every effort to make it flawless. Repeat business and the rate you can demand depend on it.

Thank you for all the advice!

Thank you for all the advice! I’ll keep this in mind next time I miss something.

Most of the time that form in the top area states "PLEASE NOTE: ANY BLANK SPACE IN THIS AFFIDAVIT SHALL BE DEEMED A STATEMENT BY THE UNDERSIGNED THAT THE RESPONSE IS ‘NO’ OR ‘NONE’. So if it is blank it not a big deal they will assume the answer is none.