Inspire Closing Services

Appears that they’ve has gone back to their old model of ignoring line items for trip fees on submitted invoices. We go to the appointment, for whatever reason the signer refuses to sign, and we’re owed a trip fee. Reasonable, yes? So why they simply ignore the line item on the invoice is an unknown to me, and no one responds to inquiries asking about it, either. I do a fair amount of work for them, sometimes 15 closings a month, have been partnering with them for about 3 years, and don’t want to damage the relationship, but damn, we need to get paid promptly, not ignored.

Anyone else having this problem again?

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Not me. Quit taking assignments from them about a year ago. Dysfunctional, unorganized, add any other “terrible adjective” you want to add company. I wouldn’t suggest getting a mortgage through them to my worst enemy. I’d be surprised if the people they employ know how to tie their shoes. If so, they certainly cannot walk and chew gum at the same time :joy:.

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It’s getting old now, having to chase payments down some rabbit hole. Worse, the complete lack of response from anyone when asking why a payment request was ignored is just plain rude at best. I hate to lose the business, but me (and every other notary) deserve to be treated better.

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Yes, this is getting old trying to get paid. They don’t answer the phone and have poor communication. I no longer will work for them.

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Yes, this company doesn’t care about keeping notaries. They don’t return calls and don’t pay. This behavior starts at the top. The management is nonresponsive and don’t care. I will not work for them,

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And then a week later the payment comes, with no explanation for the delay. No one responded to my inquiries, or returned a call. Even a “Hey, we need a special approval to pay trip fees, so be patient, it will come in the next cycle.” Nothing, crickets. That’s just wrong.

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I have been working with them a long time. Contact the person who called you or sent the assignment. I have had no issues. You should be paid a trip and print fee or half of the agreed amount.

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Hello since, 1/3/2022 to 2/17/2022 I have 14 Completed Signings which Inspire Closing Services, leaves an unpaid balance of $980.00.

I also understand that Inspire Closing Services I just one of many Notaries Closing Services who either conduct business correctly or not. Notary Cafe has a large following there is also notary rotary, we have NNA.

It appears Inspire Closing Services share space with Mortgage Connect, At the least they are using the same answering services. mentioning system with Mortgage connect.

I have a working relationship with Mortgage connect, I’ve done two signing for them one on 1/10/2022 and was Paid 1/21/2022 and the other signing was 1/31/2022 and invoice was paid 2/11/2022. Out to this point I haven’t had a problem with Mortgage Connect, but with that being said I’ve only done two signing. Has anyone had Issue with them?

What is not clear to is the way these two companies are connected. Mortgage Connect appears to be the front company and will take information for Inspire Closing Services. and assure someone will get back with you. “Has not happen yet” I’ve sent many invoices and never receive any acknowledgement that my invoices were received. There is not contact phone number. this an email:

I am still getting call from Inspire closing services about document being ready for printing. but the bottom line has been I have not received payment from Inspire closing services. I’m using the notary assist which keeps me on top of everything. any thought or advice to what my next move should be?

Can something be as a collective? I know Union would most likely would cause more problems and good. We the notary must unit not that a solution would the outcome, but a meeting of the minds can produce a movement.
A movement can start a change.

Perhaps my view on the situation is immature I’m in my third year and I must admit that 99% of my work consist of loan docs, reverse mortgage etc., but I will be grateful if someone has a different viewpoint which might give me more InSite on the big picture… thanks in advance

I love working with Inspire Closings and Mortgage Connect LP. As long as I submit my invoices I always get paid in a timely manner (within 1-2 weeks). Looking for to more business from them!

Example: If the Order # is 202022-1
When invoicing Enter 202022 in the 1st box and enter 1 in the 2nd box. I hope this helps.

To anyone seeking payment from this business entity, please reference this post from earlier this year for explicit contact information & resolution:


Hello everyone,
Quick update. Inspire Closing Services has merged with Mortgage Connect, and we are now one as Mortgage Connect. If you have any issues with Mortgage Connect, email me directly at, and I will have your concerns addressed.
Thank you.

Did you use their online invoice submissionn to get paid? That’s the best way