Irresponsible/ Hostile siginers

I took an assignment from a signing company I have never worked with before. I was unable to reach the signers with the number they provided and no other number was available. I sent a comprehensive email with all of the information required for the signing…(my business card, time, date, ID’s, etc) a few days later I recd an email conforming. the company asked me to be there 15 minutes early and text them. I comply. The package is 161 pages in 5 separate files. When I arrive the wife is outside and acted like she had no idea who I was or what I was doing there…I introduce myself and she tells me to stand outside so I do for 15 minutes. She lets me in and tells me to sit at a table…I do that for another 15 minutes. I ask when her husband will be joining us and she says he went to pick up the kids and will be home soon. Another 15 minutes passes…I let her know I will need to leave shortly and she gets completely unhinged. I was kind of shocked actually. He gets home and they settle the kids and then she starts cooking. I finally said we need to get started right now if you want to close tonight. She stands over me with her finger in my face and says “maybe we should cancel, you seem very angry” I said is that how you see this? Really? The husband says NOTHING. I let he know what would happen with the documents if they cancelled and she just sat down. They couldn’t find their ID’s, she refused to sign her name so she scribbled and shoved papers at me. and when we were done, she slammed the pen down, said something in Spanish and walked away. He knew he was to blame but never said a word…must be nice to live with a lunatic!

Two words… RED. FLAG. Red flags all over and I had a similar situation of people looking clueless when I showed up that I wrote about somewhere on here. It’s not worth it. Tell them they have an hour to complete the signing and stick to it. After 25 minutes of BS, get up and leave. You can still get a print and travel fee and sometimes your full fee depending on the company. Ask for it. It’s really not your responsibility to locate the signer’s brain for them.


Thanks for the support…it’s very frustrating when you expend so much energy up front with prep and they could literally care less. Not just that but blame you for their behaviors…I agree 25 minutes is enough.

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