Is there any notary signing work in Georgia

I have move to GA and am finding it hard to find assignments

Hi there! I’m a GA notary and I work quite a bit here. I’m putting together a Notary Networking event slated for next month; feel free to PM me to get more info if you’re interested!

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Yes, please supply additional information

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Hi Sealthedealnotary,

I would be interested in attending your Notary Network event in Georgia. I’m new and would enjoy meeting other notaries in the area.

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Great! I’ll keep you posted on everything soon!

Hi, are you able to provide some guidance?


Details for my networking event will be finalized by tomorrow; most of the questions that you have will answered at this event. Keep an eye out for details soon!

i thought GA was an attorney state

Sure what would you like some help with?

How to get started after I have received my E and O insurance and background check and I have registered with many sites. I feel like I’m lost and I would like to see returns on my investments. I just don’t know what to do to improve my chances of being selected for jobs.