Issue need advise

Need advise-
I did a closing and scanned docs , title called me directly with an issue which I told her I will correct and have everything sent back asap.
10 minutes later the hiring company calls to tell me about the issue, I advised her that I was informed by title and I will get it fixed .
This person who claimed to be the owner was so rude and unprofessional , kept on talking very rudely demanding me to answer what time I will do the scans.
I told her I am running off to a 3 pm job and will do so right after , continued to scream at me then says oh I will reassign job.
So once I was ready to scan docs , I had no access to the file :thinking: called her she said it was reassigned.
I really want to put this company’s name here …
Anyway title person advised me to send the docs which I did .
Need your best advise notary family . Thank you.

Hang on to those e-mails/scans. And contact SS and let them know you completed all requirements directly with TC and they had no need to ‘re-assign’.


Thank you, I will do so .