Kentucky form TC96-182 title for auto

I’ve been asked to notarize a vehicle title. The sale will take place in TN. The buyer is from Kentucky. Tennessee doesn’t require Notarizations on sale of vehicles. Kentucky does require title notarization. TN titles have no place to notarize on TN a title. . I found form TC96-182 on the Kentucky vehicle registration site. Has anyone used this form before? There doesn’t seem to be any room on the form to use my notary stamp without covering up signatures or wording. Any advice on handling a sale between a TN seller and a Kentucky Buyer on a vehicle would be appreciated. More specifically what is required for the KY buyer to be able to register the title after purchase?

How about this? Your buyer will have to contact Kentucky authorities and explain the situation - see if they’ll accept this

When my husband went to register his GTO (was in stages of restoration for over 20 years) we had to go get an affidavit from the Seller - who sold it to him in 1995!!! The bill of sale back then was not notarized (CT did not require it) and as Florida is a non-title state, they want to make sure my husband didn’t steal the car…what a fiasco.

Best of luck

Thank you for the form and input. I was contacted by the seller today, The transaction is in a couple of hours. My contact said the buyer had been to their local county clerk so I hope for his sake he acquired the forms needed from them. I reached out to the KY vehicle registration dept. and they referred me to the local county clerk for the county of the buyer in KY. I guess we will see how it goes when the buyer arrives. I have no contact info for the buyer and the seller told me it was a long drive and that the buyer is already traveling to our location.

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