Lack of info

Received information for a signing. Instructions says there are 5 places that need signing, Docs only have 2 places. Instructions says, Authorization needs to be signed. No authorization forms included in docs. Client is an hour away. I refuse to go if I can not get all the info at one time.
No one calls back, no one can be reached at all the numbers listed and emails listed with no return guidance. Is this normal??

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No, but it happens. Lacking complete info AND having knocked yourself out trying to get same with no response from hiring party…I’d just send 'em a final e-mail ‘giving this back due to lack of info.’ and move on with your day.


Thank you, glad to know that it’s common. They finally got back with me with the rest of the forms. Greatly appreciated.

If you do not have all the documents no point of going. It sounds like some of the documents might be missing.