Landing first Job

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I have just finished my certifications with NNA as a NSA. I have signed up on three different signing agent sites. Any suggestions on how to land the first job and gain experience ??

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Feedback is much appreciated!

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3? I am listed with some 200+ TC/SS and the Big 4 directories. (1 only because it’s included with the BGC, but it’s almost worthless, imho.) You need to do 2 more things. Obviously, sign up with more companies that do NOT use ‘hiring party pays to play’ platforms. AND…do your homework so you know what your COSTS are before you get lead down the cheapie garden path and you find out too late that you’re working nearly for free or pocket change. Do NOT sell your time cheaply, thinking you’ll get more $ when you have ‘experience’. You won’t as you put yourself in the bargain bin. This is one of the few jobs where you can earn as you learn. Stay away from TCs until you actually have some experience as they are quite unforgiving.

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I am pretty new to this only been doing it about 2 months. I am on my 35 signing and you definitely start seeing how some companies pay less and when you get offered more you realize that if one company can offer that so can another. And definitely signup to a lot of places. I try to at least twice a week apply to a handful of places. The more places I’ve become signed up with the more my signings have skyrocketed

How do you guys get your first jobs? I know some people who can’t get any signings. Any recommendations? I’m brand new with no experience yet. I just got everything done and is now ready to take on some signings. Any advice would help. Thank you in advance!

There is a post in this forum that list good the “signing companies” I would start there & just sign up for as many as possible. That is if you haven’t figured out how to gain business as of yet. It will also depend on where you’re located & the number of agents in your area vs available work…ie population.