Language Barrier

I have a rep who was hired by Notary Loop for a refinance closing. Docs were late and my rep was told to contact the signers to set up a new signing appointment time. Once the rep called the customer she found that neither party spoke English, so needless to say they could not understand that the signing appointment time has been pushed back, She then called back Notary Loop and advise that a Spanish speaking notary may need to be assigned to this signing and explained why. The rep was told to go to the signing anyway because the lender has gone over all the documents with the signer ahead of time and all she needed to do was point to where the customers signatures should go. The rep asked to be removed because she felt as if this was an unethical practice and advised that she did feel comfortable having customers sign if they were not able to communicate. She was then spoken to horribly by two individuals at Notary Loop and was told you are just a notary and her job was only to witness a signature. She stated that she was a Notary Signing Agent and the role was a bit different. The individuals then told her a notary and a notary signing agent was the same thing and they removed her from the signing, told her they would not pay a print fee, removed her from the 3 signings she had already booked with them and told her that they would tell other title companies to not do business with her. What is the law regarding this and is there an ethical committee that she can report them too? What can be done about loss of wages and spoilage of reputation? We are commissioned in Illinois.

This part - check state laws on “tortious interference” - in many, if not all, states it’s illegal to blackball someone and make comments or do anything that would “interfere” with the person’s business;

As for the rest, I don’t blame the notary - if I can’t communicate with a signer I won’t do it unless there is a reliable translator available to help us (maybe another family member).

Just my quick thoughts…and since when do title companies get involved in debt resolution??

This was for a refi not debt resolution.

I apologize - I have NO idea where I got that or why I said it…LOL