Last minute assignment notification

Do you know what I’m tired of a I’m tired of getting all these notifications and they’re all last minute same day. I received one today at 11:52 AM for a signing that was over 30 minutes away at 12pm. Now I know you can reply back and say that’s not a good time but it seems like the norm lately has been every notification I get is the same day within just a couple hours - why can’t these people plan ahead?


Probably because someone bailed at the last minute…after finally doing the math & reality hit.


I don’t know - because it’s very regular!
1 out of 10 might be for the next day. Most notifications seem to always be same day!

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You get these last minute orders because nobody is taking them and you may be their last hope! This is where you have the power to negotiate time and a decent rate if they are a legit company of course.

What type of experience do you have in finance, mortgages or title companies?
Experience in just one of those categories and you would know the answer.
Loan officers sent files up to underwriting, they do not know the exact turn around or if they will request additional information. This is the step when they need to order notary to give a couple days notice but most are not allowed to order until done with final underwriting or at least in final conditions. After underwriting title/lender can start order closing with the notary but there is not a definate timeline for lender to have docs to title. Title knows there is an open order but doesn’t know for sure when they will get docs.
You get cancelled appointments when docs are not ready, or last minute appointments when they finally get them. Loan officers normally get paid a commission based on total dollar of new money. The more they can fit into the month is a plus. That is one reason why deals from approx 20th to last funding day are super busy with last minute.
These times are out of our control. Try not to stress it and just enjoy the work. You say “last minute” and I think - " Yay work " and gobble it up.

Most at home days. I am not properly showered and hair is a disaster. If i shower early and fix hair, etc, i end up doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom, not doing notary work. Go figure. The last minutes can work for me, but if you have a family, it can be challenging. Getting a new desk delivered, so computer and printers will be down a day or so. Figuring i will get 20 assignments!!! Buying wigs!

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