Leaving the forums

I had hoped when I found these forums that there would be alot of encouragement and information.

What I’ve found is that instead of encouragement there is alot of criticism and downright snarky remarks.

“Well not sure where YOU are but it isn’t that way HERE”.

“Id like to know where you’re getting 10,000 pages from a cartridge when every manufacturer states 3,000 tops”

And so on. Everyone needs to realize that maybe they DON’T know everything, and maybe you’ll learn something new to maximize your performance-and income-as a notary Public. I see people being attacked and just a lot of negativity here and so I will no longer be posting. I only am posting this topic in hopes that the moderator of these boards will get it back on track to being the “safe place to Come”. I am sure I’m going to receive a multitude of snarky comments to my own comment, and that is just all too bad. even the experts can learn something new if they weren’t so quick to attack! Peace out.


Hey, I completely understand where you’re coming from. when I first started I was so discouraged. You have to find the right forums. There are some on FB that I know of like Safe Haven for new notaries and Sign and Thrive notary training. If you ever have any questions feel free to reach out. I’ll be more than happy to help in anyway I can.


Hello, don’t get discouraged. You have to stay focused on your goals. I wish you much success. I am fairly new myself & willing to assist when I can.

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Please don’t feel discouraged, but you are correct about some of the answers that are posted. Like you, I thought this is a place to learn from those who have knowledge and experience. In return, hopefully I can help others when I have knowledge to share. Now, though, I try to be encouraging, because that’s about all I can do.
I’ve read through a lot posts, trying to learn everything I can. To me, it seems that the vast majority of answers are informative and meant to help the person who asked the question. However, there are definitely some head scratchers!
Giving an answer that is intimidating or seems aimed at making the “asker” feel stupid is unnecessary.
When folks are made to feel like what they are asking is not important, or that they should already know the answer, they will stop asking questions, which is unfortunate. You’re certainly right that everyone can still learn something new.


Yea unfortunately a lot of notary forums are discouraging. When I was a newbie I remember asking a basic question and another notary asked me if I got my commission out of a cereal box. Very unnecessary, which is why I just choose to be different. I’m not a newbie so if any of you guys have questions about anything feel free to hit me up.


Wondering if the person who made such a terrible comment is the same one? I have seen this individual over and over again here posting rude and negative comments.

I am not a newbie, I was a senior escrow officer for 23 years and have signed thousands and thousands of loans. I decided to sign loans independently 2 years ago and it’s fair to say I am very successful.

I made $12,135 last month (June) on signings despite the slow down. A great attitude and lots of experience has made me the preferred notary public for 4 different signing companies and 2 direct lenders because I am good at what I do. This being said, I still enjoy hearing from others and picking up good information.

Not “crying” at all “Inkmeup”. Far from it. Took today off to sign my own loan docs for the new home I am purchasing - and was able to do so because I am so successful. So I’d like to ask you: What are YOU doing?.. Trolling forums and spending a ton of time penning stupid comments because you have so much time? Pfft. Whatever.


How awful!!! I can’t believe someone actually said that to you. It’s sad that some people are so mean. Thank you for offering to help. About the time I think I’m getting the hang of it, a curveball comes along. About an hour ago, I notarized a defensive driving affidavit. The person’s name was already typed where I would have expected a blank to be filled in. Maybe that is common, though, and I just didn’t know.

Yes- that is common. And I love it when it is filled in, faster and neater!

Also “Inkmeup” has been suspended until September 1.

Thank you to the powers that be! Gooooood riddance!!! They never contribute anything but garbage here.

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So I ignore the nasty posters and help out others, as was done for me years ago. Even as a seasoned notary I have learned form the forums, as you said. We must overwhelm with kindness : )


He/she seemed to post on every single thread and was so rude to people asking really great questions, and it was Impossible to ignore him/her. It’ll be a nice month having him/her gone.

@notarybyangela16 . Hi Angela. I will do my best to answer all the questions in your post.

#1) as far as being snarky it all depends on your perception, or anyone asking a questions perception. Some people feel that no matter what the answer, if it doesn’t align with exactly what they want for an answer, it’s snarky.

#2) I’ve never kept track of the number of pages I get BUT it would all depend on the printer. I have a little Dell that I’d be amazed if it got 10,000 pages BUT I have several of HP’s largest MFP machines that cost me about $5,000 a pop and if they didn’t get 10,000 pages I’d be disappointed.

#3) Even after 20 years I sure don’t feel like I know everything. When I don’t know I call the title company (NEVER call the signing company) and if they can not answer the question I call the lender.


Agree with each point. I notice the terrible comment to me here made by the individual who is most awful has been removed. Unfortunately there is no mistaking some of the comments’ level of “snarkiness” but I’m happy the moderator stepped in on this issue to remove it.

I learn soooo much here! Things I never thought to even ask about but are so interesting to find out the answer! There’s a whole thread on why laser printers are required by lenders and exactly why. I never knew why, but someone made a great point that ink on a receipt is very faded after a short time, as would be the documents printed with ink jet… Stuff that I never thought to ask about but love to hear more about!

I’ll stick around until Inkmeup comes back, because This forum is so helpful.


Yea I noticed that the other day.

I am a member of other forums and what I have found is that you have to look past the comments and gossip on the forums and find what may help you and ignore what may hurt you. I will see certain names on the boards that I know enough to avoid because their posts are generally worthless. Don’t ever take the attitude that we are all in this together and need to watch each other’s back. Those posts are few and far between

There’s a lot you can look past - but there’s some you can’t - and when they insult you directly, call you a liar and a fraud, and have a snarky one-liner to everything you post, whether it makes any sense or not, there’s a limit. Like when this one poster told Angela to stop crying and pull up her big girl pants and grow a backbone - seriously??? By the way Angela - I’m glad you stayed.

I, for one, got tired of being a victim and I won’t allow it to happen to me any more - I shouldn’t have to and neither should anyone else. Nobody should be afraid to post here.

I’m glad to see that one is gone for a bit (which, btw, I had nothing to do with).


I usually never post or remark. However, you and maybe some other people randomly thumbing thru posts need to read this…

There are some face book pages run by LSS (Loan Signing System - Mark Wills Founder) that are exactly what you described you are looking for.

Beyond the administrators, the groups tend to self check negative responders as needed to keep it a positive atmosphere.

If you join a LSS page, I’m confident you will find what your looking for. No, I’m not benefiting from my remarks or anyone checking out any LSS FB pages. I’m just an inspired and grateful member of multiple LSS groups (FB pages).

Let the haters hate and just check it out for yourself.

I’m new here. I wish you would stay. Ignore & forget about those that make snappy or discouraging comments. Stay for us that need help & encouragement.


While I enjoy reading through the various topics, I especially like it when I read something I would have never thought about; often it turns out to be important information.


Hello, I understand your position. I read a lot what is going on and inject support and positivity when possible and extract the information that is helpful to me.