Loan Pro Closings

HI, any experience with this company? I received a text today for a signing in 3 hours frame time. I really haven’t heard from them.

@miamisigningagent Performed a cursory Search of the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe database of threads. There are 50+ threads that populate with the business entity utilized from your thread title.

Most are not-so-great . . . :cry:


I accepted my first assignment with them today after getting a random test message. The text advised me to go to their website, log in and contact the customer. It would be beneficial if they 1st confirmed that I had a profile set up with them. It took me roughly 20 minutes to create & upload documents to create a profile, all while waiting to so see if the assignment I accepted would show up in the profile. I responded to the text message that I would not be able to accept this assignment due to the amount of time it would take me to create a profile unless we could reschedule. I received no response until almost 2 hours after the appointment asking if I was going…I received a second text from a different number advising me that documents were sent to my e-mail. They sent information to a random email I don’t use for business. The back & forth went on for 4 hours. As a long-time business professional, I don’t think this is the best fit for me.

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