Low balling C2C

Hi everyone, we’re all doing good and staying busy. Well something I’m learning with C2C and other Signing companies is when I ask for a higher amount of ($100-$200) minimum than what they’re offering($75) for a signing, I am not getting the offer or they remove me off the assignment. This is getting out of control and out of hand with the Signing companies lowballing everyone. I’m gonna have to hit the curb and market myself to these title companies in order for me to make decent money as a Signing Agent.


That’s what I’ve been doing since June, hitting the curb or doing the footwork. I have never signed up with a signing service. I just inquired today to Amrock because I’ve read some good reviews. I will see how it goes.


Exactly as you mentioned lilly… this is just beyond ridiculous, what some SS are doing, they want to price our work with the belief that only us benefit with their offers! That’s exactly what I’m doing, I’m hitting the curb and marketing myself by contacting and filling out with every title and escrows I hear is good to work with.
What I’ve been doing is with every package I send I include couple of business cards and 4"X6" thank you cards, with my info… hoping they could contact me next time, and not the signing service.

I ordered my business cards and thank you notes through Zazzle (real nice, btw). You can do the same :wink:


just received my new card through them as well! They are nice!

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I have yet to get any signings…C2C I have managed to accept 2 at the beginning of the month but nothing since. What is the magic trick to be the first to accept those request? It seems someone beats me to the request every time. I look at the money I could be making! Surely this is not the only way to get signings??

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Read the forums, and follow the advices of experienced NSAs, very helpful. Every company I hear of is good to work I google and get on their website to sign up. Today I got a response from XOME and Solidifi, and I’m waiting to hear from other ones.

Careful with this practice - signing services frown on this as they feel you’re stealing their clients - many even have instructions included in the package to the notary not to include that info in the docs back to title. Also, if you signed any agreements with the SS previously (which you may have via your signing up with a platform) in that may be a Non-Compete Agreement…making this practice against their agreements.

Be very very careful. JME


Thanks Linda… I’ll look into that. I know you’ve commented before.

Just don’t want to see anyone blacklisted by a company for doing this…hate to be a negative Nancy but companies spend a lot of time and money marketing to title companies - they don’t want to lose these clients.

I, personally, wish all signing companies could fold and everyone deal directly with title - but that will never happen. no more than my other firm belief that, rather than waiting to be paid, we should be paid at the table…our job is done and complete there and that’s when we should be paid - any errors, the correction is out of the notary’s pocket but at least the notary has been paid. But that’s just me and I know that will never happen.

P.S. meant to add to this post - and how do they account for payment of our services? List us as POC on the CD - just like appraisers.

There, now I’m done…for now… I think :smiley:

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Would be nice to be paid at the table, righr after we’re done with our job! I guess they all play with the money, while holding it they earn interest

Until people stop taking those offers, nothing will change.


TRUE :clap::clap::clap:
I’ve been rejecting $75 refinances, I counter offer them… obviously others sre accepting them because never again I hear from them :woman_facepalming:t2:

I used to get notifications all the time from C2C, and received a number of assignments. Unfortunately, I have found that the KEY is to be sitting on your phone as soon as the notification comes in and to respond within 5 seconds of receiving the notifications. Last month I had 10 assignments from them, and before that 7 assignments in July. I’m not sure what happened, but I haven’t received any text notifications from them for September. In my opinion, it’s good practice for a newbie and if you have a full time job. I wouldn’t travel a distance for them, but until I get about a year or so in, I will continue to accept those assignments. Those $30 add up when you are unable to accept full REFIs

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I don’t miss C2C’s $30 and I refuse to take them
Because people keep taking them they will forever keep offering them :roll_eyes:


Amrock is really good and their Hybrid closings are the best!


Thank you for the information. I’m still waiting on a response to see if they’re recruiting in my area. What is a hybrid closing? I have not filled out the application yet. Do they want 1 year to 2 years experience? If so, I only have 3 months experience.
I found out what it is. However I don’t have online closing certification yet, just in person notarization.

I totally agree with you. I received an email from Amrock to join with them. I have read the reviews on them which are good ones. Good luck to you.

Thank you. Good luck to you too.

Make sure you have all your documents and w-9, Drivers License, commission certificate, and E&O insurance uploaded. Snapdocs has a set algorithm, they will send out notifications with the most experienced and verified notary first. If they cant find an experienced notary to accept the assignment they will send out assignment request to the less experienced, but also have all their documents and certificates uploaded. They look at all that and it has to be verified as well. I have been getting at least 5-8 requests per day from them. Their offering really low so make sure to put down what your worth and you’ll get a few that are high up there.

What is a hybrid closing exactly?