Making a Request for a Forum Change

I’ve been asking this for years - and with the new format I wish this had been implemented…

Is there a way to please have the poster’s location (State only) show up under their name when they post? Every other forum I’m on allows that and has it in place, and it makes it so much easier to answer questions that are posted. On several occasions I’ve had to first ask “where are you located” before wasting time giving advice about getting into the loan signing business to someone who, come to find out, is in an attorney-only state. ’

Many matters and questions posted end up being state-specific and it would make it so much easier and quicker to see this info right off the bat.

Thank you for your consideration of this issue.


This is an excellent suggestion Linda. Often the forum comments might be interesting but not relevant to me in Arizona.

Fantastic suggestion! Notary laws are different in nearly all 50 states. Maybe it would be a good idea to categorize the forums - one for each state for posting only issues involving a specific state, others according to the issue(s) involved that would apply to any/all states.